Rules and Agreements

1. Registration and Membership ...

Eligibility for registration depends on your legal age. Only those 18 years old and over will be allowed to enroll. The "Company" does not control or require your date of birth when registering on the "Platform", but "Customers" must be of at least legal age before continuing to enroll.
It is the sole responsibility of "Customers" to ensure that such registration to similar services like ours is legal in the area of residence. We do not limit the availability of the "Platform" to "Customers" in any way. The "Platform" can be accessed from anywhere in the world, except if we believe such guests or members of the "Platform" and the "Company" with malicious intent are disqualified for their activities.
"Customers" can have up to 2 legal accounts within the "Platform". It is understandable that some of our customers may want to separate common accounts or accounts belonging to a group of 2 or more people in a group.

2.Ending Register ...

The "Company" reserves the right to cancel, terminate, delete or suspend an account that has been found to cause harm to other customers and to the "Platform" or to the "Company" directly or indirectly.
"Customers" have the right to voluntarily request the cancellation or deletion of their account from our database. In the case of such voluntary cancellation, the user can register for an account again if they wish to register again in the future or if they wish.
When an account is unintentionally closed, canceled, deleted or suspended, account balances, including account balances, are canceled, deleted, and lost. This balance will go to our marketing funds and be spent on behalf of the "Company".

3.Disclaimer ...

The "Company" will not be liable for any losses resulting from account hijacking or hacking of "Customers". Once registered, the accounts reside in an encrypted database, and the only people who can access your account are those who know your password and have access to your email address (if * PIN is enabled) or your Two-Factor Authentication codes (if * 2FA is enabled). Therefore, the account owner is responsible for the accounts registered in the "Platform".

The "Company" is only responsible for the losses incurred when the "Platform" is interrupted due to circumstances that cannot be controlled by their nature. The "platform" is protected by a robust firewall combined with DdosGuard DDOS Protection services where another firewall with specific firewall rules exists and works.

1-Our servers are hosted at DDOS Guard Company.
2- SiteLock is Available on Our Website (It is protected from Malware style attack methods.)
3- 1 Normal SSL and 1 Comodo Green Bar SSL is on our Website.
Our systems are scanned by 8 security experts every 4- 3 days.

4. Complaints and Disputes ...

All complaints should be discussed privately and their validity properly sought before the complainant brings the matter to the public attention. If the complaint is simple and is an oversight and the user involved brings this to the public attention, whether intentional or not, the relevant account will be suspended until the investigation is complete.
Attention: During the Review Period, if it is determined that the inspected user has shared any negative information about us on any forum, blog, monitor site and similar sites, his account will be permanently closed and the account balance will be transferred to the bonus account. Our company. This balance is reflected in the team leaders as an additional gain.
It is recommended that such issues be resolved by contacting our support team for proper guidance and resolution.

5. Anti-Spam Rules ...

Spam is unsolicited bulk email, including commercial email or "spam" not requested by the recipient. It is intrusive and often irrelevant or aggressive and wastes valuable resources. Inappropriate newsgroup activity, which consists of sending the same material to several newsgroups, is also considered spam.

1) We do not tolerate SPAM in our company.

2) We prohibit any type of unsolicited email in connection with the marketing of services provided by Lory Holding LTD.

3) If any law enforcement agency, internet provider, web hosting provider or other person or organization notifies us that you may be involved in the delivery of unsolicited emails, or that you may have acted illegally in any other way that violates an internet service provider's terms of service or such We will reserve the right to cooperate with any research related to your activities, including policies or regulations, disclosure of your account information. 4) If you haven't received a letter from Lory Holding, please remember to check your Spam folder because some email services may mark our email as Spam.

6. Changing existing rules prosedürü

1) Lory Holding Management reserves the right to make changes to the existing document without the consent of the investors.

2) Lory Holding management will notify customers of the changes by posting ads on the company's website.

3) Changes in Terms and Conditions take effect from the date the information is published on the site, unless otherwise stated in the text.

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